Keeping you up to speed

So this is what has happened thus far:

Friday, March 16th:
Woke up around 5am with severe chest pain. Was originally going to take a taxi to the hospital but the pain was unbearable so Frank called an ambulance for me. It’s very odd to take a trip on an ambulance when you happen to work on one. I know the paramedics that picked me up quite well. When I arrived at the hospital they gave me 3 shots of powerful narcotics and a drug very much like aspirin except much more potent. This brought my pain down to a level where I wasn’t rolling around my hospital bed in extreme pain. They gave me many more shots of narcotics throughout the day to keep the pain manageable. They performed a CT scan to check for something called aortic dissection, which they didn’t find…. Instead they found a large (over 10 centimeter) mass in my abdomen, situated between my stomach and my spine. I asked the doctor if he thought it was cancer and he said that lymphoma was at the top of the list and I would be hearing from an oncologist/hematologist that specializes in Lymphoma within a few days. I was sent home later that afternoon.

Fast forward to today, March 22nd:
My first oncology appointment was this morning at 10am. I met with a nurse who weighed me and took my blood pressure and asked me a few questions about my medical history. Then I saw the oncologist/hematologist who really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. He went over my CT results with me (confirmed the size and location of the mass) and took a detailed family/personal medical history. He also told me I would be having a CT-guided needle biopsy (they will be sticking a needle in me, probably through my back, and into the mass to collect a sample) sometime in the next week or two, and one week after that I would see him again and he would be performing a bone marrow biopsy. I am not looking forward to either one of these procedures. I hear they are quite painful.

Currently I feel frustrated at the amount of time it takes between finding a large tumor and receiving an official diagnosis. At least if they tell me it’s definitely cancer we can move on to doing something about it. Patience is not my strong suit. Waiting just sucks.

I have chest pain every day, nearly constantly but nowhere near as severe as Friday. Today seems to be the worst since I was released from the hospital. I’m also very tired much of the time. Other than that I’m feeling pretty good. I had a moment of panic on Monday morning when the news really sank in that there’s a good chance I have cancer. Otherwise I’ve been pretty confident.

Oh, and I’ve been starting to wonder what I will look like bald. Mom and I went to the mall this afternoon and I looked at some pretty scarves I might be able to stylishly wrap around my head. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to invest in more sunscreen 😉

I’ll keep you all up to date as often as I can!




About TinaMuslimah

30 year old Muslim revert. Writing about life between two worlds.
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11 Responses to Keeping you up to speed

  1. Shannon Masse says:

    You are one tough cookie Tina. I am
    Praying to the great Spaghetti Monster daily. lol
    But seriously, I am sending positive thoughts
    To you. And I think you could rock the bald
    Head better than Sinead. lol

  2. madison says:

    Tina, I am so proud of your optimism! And thanks so much for this blog. I was curious about your situation, but didn’t want to approach it and give you more stress. As for being bald, like i said, you’ll look great! Maybe look into a nice “Lady Gaga-esque” wig ;)!

  3. Auntie Joanne says:

    Love you!!! :0), praying for you always, xoxoxox

  4. Paul Farris says:

    Love you Tina

  5. Denise says:

    Hey Tina,

    No matter how far apare we are or how seldom we see eachother, we are family and family stick together and support eachother so whatever you need you just let us know. We’re there for you.

    You are probably one of the strongest women I know however know that you’re not alone and even the strong people need a break sometimes so let others take care of you.

    Love you
    Denise, Marc and Tristan

  6. Melissa says:

    Tina, where do I begin…we have been like sisters our entire life. I have always known you to be a beautiful, independant, caring, intelligent and strong willed woman. So many things to list. All I know is the huge impact you’ve had in my life and how important you have been to me. This is a hard time right now but you are a positive and strong lady and you do have the most amazing family and we are all here for you. Never forget that. I wish I was the one writing this blog instead of you. If I could take this away from you, I would gladly. One day when we are like 40, were gonna sit in your parents living room…you, Bean and I & were gonna tell off that fireplace once and for all!!! lol I love you Tina Bean and I will always be here for you. Stay strong, you know you’ll beat this. Sisters for life xoxoxoxo

  7. Big sister bean says:

    I can tell you from personal experience that a bonemarrow biopsy is very unpleasant but you are one tough cookie. I’m going to get Katie to load Skype on her iPhone so that We can shave our heads together.

    I love you, and miss you very much!

  8. Sylvie Melanson says:

    hope all gose good with you and i miss you and love you i’m here if you need any thing just let me know and if you whant to talk to someone i’m here for you if your up for some visit just let me know and i well go visit you and your mom . when is your mom down till

    love you

  9. Ange says:

    Can’t wait to see you next week!
    I’m a bit far but your always in my thoughts and heart!
    I Love you Lots xoxox ❤

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