Last night I went through about 4 bins of old baby clothes that my kids have outgrown, with the help of my friend Amy. I also made 24 cupcakes just to take my new stand mixer for a test drive. Let me just say, it is fabulous. I think I may be in love. Anyway, by the time I had finished with the clothes and the cupcakes, it was past midnight and I was exhausted so I decided to take the night off from updating everyone about how boring my life is. Really, it is absolutely, gloriously, refreshingly boring… When it’s not filled with blood tests, IVs, pain medication, biopsies, doctor’s appointments, etc. If you have a boring life – be thankful!

Today was really just more of the same… filling up time as much as possible while I wait for tomorrow. When I woke up I showered (let me just tell you, it is SO odd shampooing my hair now!), I went for a walk with the kids and my parents, organized my entrance closet and hat/scarves/mittens bins. I also managed to walk around the mall for quite some time, perusing the kids racks with Amy. It was a day filled with random nothingness, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Tomorrow is another big day. The bone marrow biopsy. To say I am not looking forward to it is an understatement of epic proportions. I have heard everything from “oh its nothing” to “it’s excruciatingly painful” so we’ll see how that all works out. I also have a consult with the surgeon at 3 in the afternoon. I hope he tells me that by the end of the week or early next week he’ll be able to do the surgical biopsy. 

As for now, I’m going to enjoy more time doing absolutely nothing with my family.


About TinaMuslimah

30 year old Muslim revert. Writing about life between two worlds.
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2 Responses to MIA

  1. You are doing what you need to do….positive vibes….

  2. So proud of you hon.Stay positive Someday these trying times will all be behind you and will be just a memory.Will continue to pray for you

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