Catch up

So my parents left for Ontario with Melodie, my oldest, on Sunday. A couple of months ago Frank took both of the kids to Ontario with him for 10 days. It was the first time I had ever been away from either one of my kids for more than 24 hours. I somewhat enjoyed the time I had to myself, though I did miss her. This time I was anxious a couple of days before she left… One night I even snuck into her room and got in bed beside her for a few minutes to cuddle her while she slept. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child. At around 04:30 on Sunday morning mom poked her head into my bedroom to let me know they were about to leave. I came downstairs and hugged miss Melodie tight and gave her a kiss goodbye. It’s only for 10 days are so. I miss her but I know that she is in great hands and probably having so much fun that she isn’t even thinking about me. 

Last night we picked up Frank’s mom from the airport. I guess the upside to having cancer is you are in constant company. I actually really enjoy it – especially now that I need a couple of extra hands around the house. I used to HATE accepting help from people. It made me so uncomfortable. It was surprising to me how easily I let go of that in the last three and a half weeks. On occasion part of my brain pipes up and tells me not to accept favours from people but the other part of my brain saying “take it easy and concentrate on healing” is louder. I actually think it has something to do with what my therapist said the last time I saw him. People want to help. In relationships, there needs to be give and take – if you don’t allow other people to give, you deny them part of who they are. So I’m going to let people give in whatever way makes them happy – helping me with the kids, sweeping my floor, making my food. Whatever. In allowing my family and friends to give, I’ve also found a new kind of happiness. This ebb and flow of giving and taking gives a new depth to my relationships with people. 

Saint John Regional Hospital (as opposed to St-Johns, eh Steph?! lol) called me yesterday for my PET scan appointment. Considering I have been answering every phone call in the past week with such haste that the phone barely had a chance to complete one full ring, you could say it was a relief. I’m officially booked for TOMORROW at 12:30pm. The paramedic in me is really excited. The radioactive isotopes are being FLOWN IN to Saint John the day of my appointment. Just for me. How cool is that? Fun fact about medical isotopes: Chalk River Reactors in Ontario produces 1/3 of the worlds medical isotopes and is one of only four worldwide regular medical isotope sourcing reactors. Neat, huh? Go Canada!

So, PET scan tomorrow, Frank’s mama leaves the day before my surgery, I believe. Surgery on the 18th, and at least one night stay in the hospital, maybe more depending on the type of surgery. Then Mom, Melodie, and my sister (yayyyy!!!) come here on the 20th-ish. I haven’t seen Christine in too many months so I’m pretty excited.

And that’s all the news I have for now! 🙂 Tomorrow I will fill you all in on how my scan went and might even explain how it works (it’s really interesting! I swear!)


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30 year old Muslim revert. Writing about life between two worlds.
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One Response to Catch up

  1. Jen Dallaire says:

    Good luck today! I’m looking forward to my lesson on radioactive isotopes. I’m hoping that you tell us that they turn you green and give you super powers or something like that.

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