Radioactive woman

Alas, I have no superpowers… Unless going without food for over 20 hours without a fit of tears is a superpower. Either way I’m giving myself a pat on the back with that one.

I was scheduled to start my appointment at 12:30 – I say start because the whole thing takes 1 hour and 30 minutes from start to finish. Well stupid Air Canada decided that it was a good time to go on strike so my mutant-power-inducer aka radioactive sugar arrived about 2.5 hours behind schedule. There was a lot of sitting and waiting going on. Sometime before my injection Frank said he felt like this was the first procedure that made him feel like the situation was starting to sink in more. Like this is only the tip of the iceberg. I feel exactly the same way and I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the sad looking lady with no hair that we passed on the way to the PET suite. Maybe it was the fact that I almost broke out in tears when, for a second, I thought Frank couldn’t come with me to the PET suite. Or maybe it was all that waiting, when our minds are wandering and we’ve exhausted our repertoire for small talk.

Frank and I sat in a little room for quite some time, waiting, when a nurse came in an explained how things would work. When it was time for my injection, Frank would have to leave and the doors (made of lead, by the way) would be closed. You know. To protect HER from radiation. Being the smart ass that I am I asked how safe this was if I had to be locked in a lead room after. Her answer was more or less a nervous laugh.

The injection came in a little lead canister, which was kind of neat if I ignored the fact that my veins aren’t also made of lead and therefor my entire body was about to become radioactive. After the lead doors were closed I laid in the dark willing myself not to move for an hour. Time has never passed so slowly. I was glad to see the doors open an hour later and the nurse poking her head in to tell me they were ready for me. It turns out a PET scan is almost exactly like a CT scan except much slower. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. That wouldn’t be much to complain about except that you have to put your arms above your head and they quickly lose circulation. It will take 7-10 days for my oncologist to receive the results.

Frank and I went on a date to East Side Mario’s when we were done and I have to say I have never been so happy to see food. I ate like a PIG and I’m proud of it. I like our new little tradition of finishing off procedures and appointments with a date. It makes things a little brighter.

Oh and one more thing: I cannot wait to get either a PICC line or a portacath!!! I am soooooo tired of IVs – especially considering they always end up having to try two or three times before they get one in. I have probably had about 20-25 needle sticks in the last 4 weeks. Sad to think its only just beginning.


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3 Responses to Radioactive woman

  1. Big sister bean says:

    I opted out of the portacath because mom and dad gave me a dollar for every needle I got. You should see if they’d make you the same deal. hahahaha!

    • If they could manage to actually get it in on the first shot, maybe I would go for it but considering on average it takes 2-3 attempts to get the IV in, I’ll take the portacath. The pin cushion thing is already getting old.

  2. Countrygal8 says:

    That is really cool that they fly it in just for you! I never knew they did that. Although I never really wondered how they transport outta there lol. I’ve been near the reactors in chalk for patients…its like you are in a movie with concrete polls that disappear into the ground and dudes with guns everywhere and radiation detector clips and wands haha.
    Sounds like ya went through quite the process yourself though! And btw 20 hours without crying is a superpower for sure superTina, def give yourself the credit! I’m glad you and Frank get to have dates after :)that’s cute. Take care! Xoxo
    p.s. Yay for no more needle sticks soon!

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