Panties and date nights

Weird title, right? I know what some of you might be thinking, and I say to you “you have a dirty dirty mind”. Let me address the first part of the title: panties. My youngest daughter, Stella, who just turned 19 months, is now using a potty rather well! After the nightmare that was potty training Melodie, this is a very welcome surprise. If stress causes cancer, potty training Melodie gave me lymphoma (this is a joke, by the way. I do not in any way think my kid caused my cancer). Anyway, I will soon have to invest in some pint size panties for my little monkey and I couldn’t be more excited to not change another smelly, soggy diaper.

Now onto the second part of the title! I bet that part is pretty self explanatory. Frank and I have a gift card to the movie theatre that we’ve had for quite some time so the mister and I are off to see a flick tonight. It’s been quite some time since we’ve gone to the movies so it will be a nice little change from the norm.

You will all be quite happy to know that I was PAIN FREE today! You can do a happy dance for me if you want. It’s okay, it’ll be our little secret. Now if only I could find a cure for the pesky fatigue I’m dealing with. I have all these big aspirations for my day when I wake up in the morning and by 2pm I have completely burnt myself out. I haven’t figured out if I’m in denial about my energy level or if I really don’t know my limitations. Honestly, I think it’s a combination of both. It is incredibly frustrating to not be able to keep up with a normal daily activity level. Not to mention that I have two kids to keep up with – and I desperately want to keep up with them. I want to chase them around the yard and bring them to the park. I know that chemo will only make the fatigue worse but I also know I’m not going to let it stop me from being the mom that my kids deserve. I might have to modify some of the activities that I do with them but, even if I have to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks, I am going to enjoy my summer with my kids.

So far my kids have gotten the really good end of the stick as far as my diagnosis is concerned. For the last 4 weeks it has been like a mix of christmas and Disneyland for them, what with being spoiled with toys and candy love from their grandparents. That is exactly how I want it to be. If my kids are going to notice that something has changed in the last 4 weeks, I want it to be for the better.

Surgery is the day after tomorrow!!! Eeeeeeeek! I will admit that I’m starting to get a little nervous!

Well that’s all for now; thanks for tuning in!


About TinaMuslimah

30 year old Muslim revert. Writing about life between two worlds.
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2 Responses to Panties and date nights

  1. Countrygal8 says:

    Yay for Stella!! Hope you have fun with Frank and know that I’ll be prayin for and thinkin bout ya! Xoxo

  2. big sister bean says:

    T minust 2 days until Ill be in your house waiting for you to get home from the hospital so we can have a sister date 🙂

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