Living it up, nerd style

Frank’s mom left earlier today. We dropped her off at the airport after a lunch and a walk at the mall. When I was ordering my food I saw two of my coworkers walking towards me. I stared at them coming towards me, longer than I should have, wondering if I should wave. I was glad to see them so that’s not why I was debating whether or not I should wave… I was debating because I wasn’t even sure if they would recognize me. I know that probably sounds so stupid. They have both seen me since I cut my hair. But I wasn’t wearing any makeup. I have never, not once, done a shift or gone to a work event without a liberal application of eyeshadow and mascara. Well there you go, you two! You’ve seen what lies under the mask! Haha!

The weather today has been beautiful, if you ignore the fact that the wind is enough to knock a small child off of her feet. I am actually planning on taking Stella outside to play on her swing set once I have finished writing this blog. I picked her up and bounced her around on my shoulders as much as possible today because I know it will be a while before I am able to do it again. I wish Mélodie was here so I could do the same with her. The upside to Melodie’s age is that she is pretty into snuggling on the couch to watch cartoons. Stella is too much of a busy body for snuggles – unless she has a booboo.

Tonight I’ll be packing myself a little bag for the hospital, since I don’t know how long I will be staying. I plan on packing a mirror and a little makeup (hey, it will give me something to do!) and the crocheted blanket I started making Stella eons ago. Once I’m finished with it I will finally be able to start on Mélodie’s.

I suggested to Frank that we try to pull an all-nighter tonight and watch some star trek (yes we are nerds). It’s not like we will be getting much sleep anyway. I get to have a medically induced sleep tomorrow anyway. So, tonight we have a date with captain Janeway.

Send me some positive vibes, people!


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30 year old Muslim revert. Writing about life between two worlds.
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4 Responses to Living it up, nerd style

  1. Katie says:

    Positive vibes coming at you Cancer Crochet Queen – love your blog the only think I look for really on facebook anymore. Life is precious and busy and am learning I rather be doing other things too – maybe I’ll get to hang with Melodie again before she heads back to you. Keep up your spirits Tina-THINKING of you more than you can imagine (hugs from us Irelands)

  2. Claude says:

    Well, first it’s hard to send positive vibes when you’re watching Star Trek Voyager. Are you kidding me? At least let it be Star Trek The Next Generation or even better … Star Trek! Yes, I am old. So yes, Star Trek. So, we will soon have something in common … baldness. Did you ever think we’d have that in common? On the positive note, yours will grow back. For me sadly, it will not. If you are lucky, you will have no gray hair late into your sixties. You Aunt Louise, my mother, had breast cancer, survived, and I don’t recall gray hair (and she didn’t dye it, honest, well I don’t thinks she did)! So relax, enjoy the time off with the kids, because when your all recovered and all, there will be that thing we call work to look forward to (not chemo 😉 ).

    Good luck tomorrow, and we’ll continue to pray for you and your family (because that’s what we do!).

    P.S. Even the new Star Trek Movie would be a better choice. Haha! From one nerd to another.

  3. Ange says:

    I’ll be thinking of you tom. morning and will see you later on I can’t wait! Your part Johnnsonn so your at tuff cookie you’ll be playing with the girl sooner than you think 🙂 I love you lots little sis xoxoxox

  4. Kris P says:

    Good luck today! Rooting for you!!!!

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